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Open Mind Project


   Mission Statement

The Open Mind Project seeks to shed light on the power and influence that religious, cultural and fundamental narratives have on human psychology, society, and environment. We provide educational resources, including an online database of belief systems (the Faith Portal).* We promote a broadened worldview that reinforces our identity as one human race, transcending the stories that often divide us. We connect people from different backgrounds, seeking more beneficial narratives to assist in our progression toward sustainability and equitable civilization.

*Regarding Site Content: The Open Mind Project does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any of the views expressed in articles, videos, or Wikipedia entries that are found on our website. We do our best to provide material we think will be mind broadening, but we suggest you always do your own research to validate or invalidate anything you may find here. Never take our word for anything. Test it, engage it with your critical mind, and find out if it is true for you.